Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Game Review: Race to the Treasure!

Created by: Peaceable Kingdom
Players: 2-4
Ages: 4+
Additional: No Reading Required
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Race to Treasure is made by a company called Peaceable Kingdom. They are focused on creating co-operative games that are Eco-friendly. Their games are 100% green. Seriously check out their site for all their information.

Play with heart & soul!

We create games & gifts that inspire cooperation and cultivate kindness.
What we believe | Cooperative Play | Green Commitment

This game is easy. Play time isn't log, setup is quick, learning how to play is simple. No reading required!

Very kid friendly. I highly recommend it for children 8 and under. It was bought with the idea a 5 year old would be able to play it without any issues. After doing a trial run, it meets those expectation.

4 keys and 1 Goblin snack need to be placed on the board.
Roll dice until you've placed all keys and goblin snack on board.
Shuffle tiles and form draw pile.

Basic Rules:
Draw tile cards to build a road to keys, based on group decisions.
After collecting 3 keys build road to treasure chest.
If goblin card is drawn, goblin moves closer to treasure.
If you need to, build road towards goblin snack (if goblin is getting to close or might beat you). Once acquired can be used at any time during game, to knock goblin back one space.
Beat Goblin to treasure chest to win.

All in all it's not a bad game. Not sure how many times I can stress that this is the kid friendly co-op game that forces on "strategy, math grid concepts, shared decision making, cooperation" according to their website.

Anyone in their preteens is probably going to find this too easy but in our household it was bought to include a little one that most of our games go over her head. She's doomed where she only gets to roll dice, pass out cards, hold cards, or move pieces were we ask her to. No longer! With that in mind, this is perfect.

Working on bringing more gamers into the board game/tabletop world.

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