Friday, November 4, 2016

Follow Friday: Childhood Stories

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Q: What are your favorite childhood stories? (children's books, nursery rhymes, etc.) via Charlie

I very torn as to how to express myself on a reading level of a children's age, as a child.
Reading isn't and hasn't been a life long love, it's sometimes a struggle for me, to make time and effort. Been that way all my life.
Sure there are a few books here and there that shaped my reading, learning, and perspective of the world. But they are pretty few are far between, some I wouldn't label as children's books. (I do not consider Harry Potter a children's series.)

The only series I remember latching onto as a young kid, in grade school, was The Boxcar Children along with growing up in a house full of every Shel Silverstein book. Here's some of the others that made the list.

Notable Mentions: Rainbow Fish, Holes, Green Eggs and Ham, Winnie-the-Pooh

What are some fond childhood stories or books from your childhood?


  1. I was going to add Boxcar Children to my list also! This was a fun question for me. Thanks for stopping by!


    1. I really liked this question. Fond memories of stories and things you once enjoyed.

      Sorry that my image isn't working, darn Photobucket is down for maintenance most of the day it seems. :(
      Thanks for following up!

  2. Its been more then a minute since I was a kid. I do know I used to love to read Bedtime for Francis to my kids at bedtime.
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    1. Thanks for the visit, I followed you as well. :)

  3. OOh nice ones! I remember Madeline as well! My joy of her started when I saw the doll at a toy store and I saved up my allowance to buy her and then started reading the books! She was so cute! I loved Shel Sliverstein as well! I actually loaned all my books to my sister's 5th grade classroom, as I was helping her build up her classroom library and she wanted banned books. So it was my mission earlier this fall to start looking for age appropriate banned books for 5th graders and thought why not add these? They were silly little poems and I enjoyed them! I remember reading Stargirl too, I think in 6th grade maybe. I loaned that one to her too. It was either banned or almost banned...something like that because of the issues Stargirl dealt with. And legit how they were too real?! So weird!

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    Have a GREAT day!

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    1. I used to have an old CD computer game of Madeline. Come home and if I was well behaved I'd get to play it. YES.
      I had a Genevieve plush as a kid, lost it forever ago, but I swear her collar shows up every time I move! I won't see it for years then BAM there it is next time I unpack somewhere new.

      I believe it was almost banned, she gets bullied pretty hard. To the point she leaves the school. I read it when I was in middle school, relating to being odd and different a lot. Sort of shaped my way of how I view myself.

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  4. Ohh they all are great children books I remember reading some of them. New Follower on GFC. Here is my #FFF