Friday, November 25, 2016

Follow Friday: Thankful

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What are you most thankful for (in the blogging world)? via Parajunkee

How friendly and welcoming the community is. If I've learned anything about the blogging world it's this.. you communicate. Be nice and others will be nice in return.
Everyone is really just interesting in see what others are sharing and what they think.

We deal in a world were we depends on views, sharing, it's all networking.

You have to be genuine. Besides, why wouldn't you be huh? 

I'm also really proud of my friends that have actually made it AS a book blogger. Along with those that have self published and those that have had their books translated and published in other countries.
It makes me beyond proud.

I also wanted to add a section about what I'm thankful for.
Mushy personal thankful message below.

This year has been so difficult for my partner and myself. My partner's sudden health issues, the medical bills and all the stressful time consuming hoops and financially draining obstacle that went along with our rough year.

I'm beyond grateful to my parents have done so much for me.

I'm thankful for my partner loving me and trusting me enough to spend time with their children. Granting me opportunity to be an positive influence in their lives and a positive female role model.

I'm thankful for the few friends I have, who simply understand. Understand that things have been rough. Understand that I may not always want to talk about it, but it doesn't mean I don't care about them, and still being there for me when I need someone to talk to.

I'm so thankful that at the end of everything... stress, fights, good time, bad times, I can look at my partner, take their hand.. and know it's all worth it.
I don't know how my life would ever been the same.


  1. so thankful of authors and bloggers. Without them i wouldnt be able to keep up blogging for 8 loong years... happy friday! new follower!

    1. 8 Years. WOW that sure is a feat! Congratulations. May you still find new friends and blogging to your hearts content.

  2. I'm also thankful for this community - I'm naturally a shy, socially awkward person, and the online blogging community has really been a wonderful way for me to make connections and even friends, despite being so painfully shy!

    I shared a poem this week that might appeal to you - I'm not married in the traditional sense, but it really spoke to me, and it might speak to you and your partner, too! :-)

    1. I'm a fairly social person, but only among those I know or a setting I'm comfortable in. It takes time. I completely understand what you mean.

      Thank you for stopping by Miss Jane!