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Game Review: Joking Hazard

Being I have always stated this as a review blog to better my writing, I once again feel the liberty to branch out. I have done movie reviews,TV reviews, and would now like to add to the occasionally [tabletop] gaming review genre.
Tabletop games are a love of mine, mostly board games and card games. Not so much miniatures or even RP games.
Gaming is something I enjoy, not as regularly as I'd like, but when I get the chance I jump at it.

Created by: Cyanide And Happiness
Players: 3 or More
Ages: 18+ Adult Content

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This was a wonderful gift from my loving boyfriend. Who backed it through Kickstarter and received a Red Box version (see edited picture below). Which also includes two additional card packs, Blast from the Past and Kickstarter Thank You Pack.
It was funded back in on February 2016, he was hoping it would be a birthday present. (Which is actually arrived around early October, earlier than their Nov '16 estimated date, even after some delays.)

If you're easily offended and/or can't handle a few swear words or two, please turn back. Do not pass go, do not collect some humour along the way.

Joking Hazard's plays style and concept are fairly easy. The idea, you are making a comic strip. The catch is, it's in parts.
Each round there are players and a judge. The judge decides who wins that round, by choosing their favourite punchline, based on whatever the heck they decided. (Funniest, crudest, best reference.)

Basic Rules
Gather 3 or more human being and have everyone draw 7 cards. Place the rst in a draw pile, face down. Pick the first judge through nonviolent means.

The deck plays first, by flipping the top card off the draw pile. This is the starter panel.

The judge plays second, by placing a card from their hand on either side of the starter panel, creating a two panel setup.

Everyone else plays third. Each player plays a card, face down, at the end of the setup to create the punchline. The judge shuffles the punchlines and puts them face up one at a time, and then picks their favourite. the winning player then takes their card back for score keeping.

Everyone draws another card, you should always have 7.
Judge changes and so on. The first player to whatever score you want to play wins.


It's a very open ended game where you're encouraged to adjust the rules to your liking and even suggest other ways to play the game.
There are also Red Panel cards, with suggested play of becoming a bonus round!
Some other suggested play examples include, Jerk mode, Marathon, Neverending Story.
Along with a list of "Suggested Drinking Rules" with, Drinking Wagering, Ultimate Sacrifice, Bottoms Up, Learn 2 Read, Decked Over, No One Cares.

The first time we played we already established some 'house rules'.
First, not one single draw pile. We make multiple piles all over the table and you can pick any number of cards from any of them. There's just too many to try and create one pile.

Second, there are red bordered cards that normally launch you into a different play style, we ignored that and played two cards instead. Allowing for split play.
Meaning, of the two cards played if the judge only liked one from each player, each player gets 1 point instead of 2 points.

While this is a fun games, it feels rather limited after a few plays. Which is why it fell on only a 3 star rating. Even after about the 20 rounds we played, it was a pretty simply standard kind of game.

The cards themselves are hilarious, the typical Cyanide And Happiness we know and love. I've no doubt seen all of them and hope to see more hilarious inappropriateness from this game.

Despite the rating, I will be playing it again. Hoping to try some of the other modes or even create my own! Mwahah!

"Joking Hazard was made possible by the 63,758 people who backed us on Kickstarter. If you're one of them, thank you so much. You brought this game to life!"

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This is what my box looks likes. It's originally NSFW (Not Safe For Work) but I edited it so that it's cleaned up... It's still pretty obvious what it says.  

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