About Me

Hello there wary traveler and welcome to my blog.
I'm Eli, that's, Elle-eee please. Not Eeee-lie, I am female.

I'm a lover, a fighter, a gamer, a reader, a writer. Lover of cats, lover of memes, gamer of MOBAs and tabletop card games.

Currently 27 years old and living in middle American, Oklahoma City to be exact. As of 2015 I have lived in 4 states and traveled to upwards of 20 of them.
Born in California, grew up in Tennessee, moved to Florida in my early 20s, relocated to Oklahoma mid 20s, and hoping to move again in 2017.
Sadly I've only been out of the country once when I was 17 (10 years ago! I'm so sad!), but I made the trip worth it and went all the way to Australia!

Reading and writing is a hobby of mine. I say that, instead of  a 'love of mine', because it's something I struggle with, sort of a love but hate having a deadline relationship if you will. Not doubt one many understand that.

I have very nerdy tendencies and often go off and tangents.
Most strongly relate to being labeled as a "Pop Culture Nerd". Memes, movies, TV shows, references, that's me.

I fell in love with anime comics back in the late 90's. I watched them go from comics, graphic novels, pocket mangas, to the printed manga style we have today. (If you're interested I did a short lived series about my manga/anime knowledge, here.)
That interested spread into anime, which lead to movies, bleeding into Asian Dramas. Which is sadly where it dropped off a few years ago.
However, that interest lead to wanting to know more about other cultures and lifestyles. It really opened my world into exploring so much more. A prime example are Bollywood movies. (Another tangent here.)

I am crazy about watching something, anything. While I do enjoy the world of reading I can't express how much I love to watch a good (maybe strange) movie or television show. I'm usually the person friends ask how (name) is or ask to recommend them something.

 I'm known for getting lost of silly image website (not just cheezburger).

I have two cats I adore, both I've had most of their lives and are living in a forever home. Both were taken in from friends and family who's living situations could no longer provide a home for them.
It's taken years, but I've finally embraced the fact that while I'm a full blown cat lover, I'm also crazy cat lady to the dismay of my partner, who is allergic. But we make it work, my cats are not only family, but a part of me.

I do make it a point to keep my blogging separate from my personal life. Sorry I don't have a Facebook where you can add me, a personal blog you can follow, I rarely tweet but you can find me here. Mostly posting about giveaways, book sales, blog hops/memes, and movie/TV reviews.