Friday, November 18, 2016

Follow Friday: Scary Stories

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What is your favourite scary story? via Brooke

This question is a little open ended.. ghost story, legend, urban myth, book, movie?
Maybe not my favourite but a few that have stuck with me.

Dark Water (2002) the original Japanese movie.
The main reason this one sticks with me is because of the ending. Although the mother loves her daughter she realizes she won't be safe, they will forever be haunted and possibly endangering their lives, or more importantly her daughter, if she tries to run. Spoilers!
Instead she willingly give herself to the ghost to now be her mother. She knows she has the ability to do something to keep her daughter, the only thing she cares about safe, so she does it.

Next one is an unsolved case of the disappearance of Elisa Lam, which only happened almost 3 years ago!
Basically she's Canadian student visiting a hotel in LA who disappeared for 15 days before they found her body.
Where things get creepy? The last images of her were on video of her appearing to run into an elevator and hide, where she is then seen to appear speak to someone in-front of her, possibly arguing. Why is that creepy? Video footage shows her completely alone.
She was found in the water tower on the roof, after no search dogs even found a trace of her, video footage, or any physical evidence would lead to her being there or being able to get up there.
Simply because she would not have been able to have any access without forced entry, which there wasn't, or the strength alone to open the tank or close it.
That said, the case was ruled as a suicide.


Have you ever heard of H. H. Holmes? How about his murder house? (Please be advised this is gruesome.) He claims to have taken up to 200 lives..
That stuff is too heavy and dark for me to even comment on. Click on the link if you're interested, you've been warned, but I don't feel it deserve a spot there.

There's also the main villain through out a good portion of Medium (TV Show), Dr. Charles Walker. (Sorry I couldn't dig up any reference links or information as to who the actual character is based on.)
He gives me the hibbie jibbies!
It's the story of a man to grow to torture young women after his wife dies in childbirth. He resents that they saved the child's life over hers.
He is pure evil, to the point he's essentially escaped death by finding people that are weak to the calling of voices and easily influenced, slowly taking control or having them do his bidding. Typically goes after doctors who have access to the tools and skills to... well do horrible thing.
So evil to the point he occasionally manipulates Allison's visions/dreams to throw her off his trail. AKA stopping him from taking his next victim.

Those are a few that come to mind.
What scary stories, legends, what have you, come to mind?


  1. Those are definitely creepy stories!! The one about Elisa Lam especially gave me chills! Hadn't heard about that one! The one about the murder house and H.H. Holmes sounds familiar...I'm wondering if Supernatural had it in an episode because I can't really dredge up info in my memory! But I fear looking for things! Real horrors like those terrify me just as much, if not more than the ones involving monsters such as vampires and such!

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    1. The story about Elisa Lam gives me chills too. I purposely did NOT link the video of her in the elevator, it makes me want to blanket burrito myself for comfort.

  2. Oh God, the murder house of H.H. Holmes, I remember that. One of the most horrible crimes ever committed. And the disappearance of Elisa Lam is SO creepy. I was slightly obsessed with the case when it first happened, wanting to solve it. I still don't buy it's a suicide. Your post creeped me out now, though, haha.

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    1. H.H. Holmes had some issues, I'll leave it at that.
      The story of Elisa Lam always freaks me out a bit. I don't buy suicide either.

      Thanks for stopping by and the follow.