Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween 2016!

Hello and a Happy Halloween!

Personally when I think Halloween, I think fun. Silly, playful, magic in cool fall breeze kind of fun! Not horror, blood, guts, and trying to scare people. I find that unpleasant. None of that mess for me thanks.

With Halloween all in the air an upon us, what are some of your favourite Halloween things?

I personally love watching movie marathons. Who hasn't heard of 13 Nights of Halloween? Seriously, who doesn't think that's the siznit?
I am however, without cable. For about the 5th year in a row. (Thank you internet streaming services!) But some of those films may be on your movie shelf or available on Netflix, whatever your fancy I'm sure you can find something to entertain you.

Some of my personal favourite movies to watch around this time of the year, the Gingersnaps series. I'd consider them to be cult films, but there are 3 if you're interesting in watching them. (smile)
There are some pretty classic things, Hocus Pocus, Practical Magic, ParaNorman, Addams Family, Goosbumps, I'd say the 2015 film was okay.
The partner loves watching The Nightmare Before Christmas, on both Halloween AND Christmas.
Last but not least, the Halloweentown movies! One that doesn't pop up often but I enjoy, The Initiation of Sarah (2006). There's of course lots of witchy things like The Craft.

There's a few items still on my watch list, primarily Frankenweenie, another that comes to mind is Hotel Transylvania.

As I previously stated, not that into slasher films. That said, I was pretty big into watching the original version of horror movies in the early 2000s. Two that always come to mind are Ju-On: The Grudge (2002 Japanese) and Dark Water (2002 Japanese).

Growing up I was big into horror movies, but now I either their their too stupid or too dark and gory. There's some really twisted sick things out there that I'm don't think need to be made [for everyone to see].

Putting films aside, what else is Halloween known for? Trick-or-Treating? Maybe. But you can't do that without a costume.

We did a couples costume this year as...

Wayne's Word
Wayne Campbell & Garth Algar

I'm dressed as Wayne, the partner is Garth. We found most of our outfits at thrift stores or under $5 a piece.
The most we spent was on my Wayne's World hat, which was $10 with shipping.I'd also like to take the time to note my awesome thrift store find of a Paper Jamz guitar for 99¢!
We weren't sure of our evening plans, so we're dressed up all day walking around.
Being an adult is fun like that sometimes! 

I'm also super excited for the day AFTER Halloween. Just like Easter, Valentine's Day, and Christmas.
"Hello cheap candy, you're coming home with me."

Did you dress up this year? What was your costume?! Party on readers, party on.

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