Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Personal: Busy in 2017.

Oh me, oh my. I'm so sorry about that.

Apologies for going MIA, things have been... busy. 2016 came to an end and I was met with a 2017 that came fast and furious, and I'm not sure it's going to slow down anytime soon..

Hold on to your butts kids.

In the coming months my posts are going to be erratic,

At least four moves are going to be happening in 4 months, OH JOY.
Roommate moving out (THIS WEEKEND), helping the mother-in-law clean out her mother's house in Texas (DONE), helping mother-in-law out of her current place (NEXT WEEK), and finally hopefully my partner and myself are moving.

Top that off with having the children for Spring Break, we literally get them the day our roommate leaves.
I expect my stress level to be a roller coaster.

While I try to keep my personal life separate from my blog, once in awhile a life update is bound to happen.
I have a few reviews to post and I'll do my best to get right on that.

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