Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hello there!

Once again I've decided to take a stab at blogging. Leaving all of my old tags and accounts behind!

I'm going to assume that I will have to fork over some personal information, so let's get on with that shall we? Hi, I'm Eli.

- Female
- 22 years old
- Currently unemployed, but let's not get into that.
- I have one sibling, who I currently live with. An older brother, by 4 years.
- Eli isn't my real name. Long story short, I'm a bit of a gamer, through the internet, their communities, and programs such as Vent (Ventrilo); I do not use my real name, I simply go by "Eli".
Being called that for 2 years, it's only natural I respond to it.

- Eli is a name I've always liked.
- I am a pretty big nerd. I prove this by saying "I own my own Vent Server." ._.
- I am a cat person ALL THE WAY. I own two little fuzzy monsters. (Tom, male, pure black. Kerri (Kerrigan), female, pure white, odd-eyed cat.)
- I have had a LiveJournal account for over 7 years. Although I post less frequently now.

Now the part I'm horrible at..
Random Information:
- I LOVE Nyan cat.
- I'm known for using smilies (emotes) all the time. Usually what gives me away as a girl. *darn!*
- I watch almost anything I can get my hands on. More than I read. Which I think is probably not a good thing, but I enjoy it nonetheless.
- Love my Netflix's. My instant queue has hundreds of things waiting to be watched. Somehow I always find something new. (I'm not kidding)
- I've owned hermit crabs before. Cute little buggers..
- I love the Korean culture and hope one day to visit.
- I've spent 3 years of my life in Retail and HATE dealing with the public. Doesn't mean I still can't do it, if I have to, but I really don't enjoy it.
- I'm a thrifting junkie. I always have a story about some deal I got or something I got on sale. (I'm no coupon queen, sorry to time consuming. But I know where to get things on sale.)
- I know a bit of HTML and I sense Blogspot's design will slowly drive me insane. . .
- I love cooking. I can also bake. I do about 99.8% of the cooking in my household and I'm known for going on cooking/baking sprees. Among my friends I'm the one that gets asked, or is it assumed, to bring dessert for every get-together.
- I own a Kindle3 (old school E Ink with keyboard) and I ADORE it.
- I'm addicted to Shelfari.

Now I suppose a little more detail..
I'm creating a blog to get more into the writing and self-publishing community, as well as the reading and book communities that seem to be so nice and inviting here. More often than not, to look around and see what everyone is up to. (Shhh it's not lurking..) I have a couple of friends here and more that are looking to start. Thought I'd jump in and see how it goes

I'm also hoping *lies through her teeth* that it will help me to be more focused and driven to finally put my foot down and produce something.
I'm that person with 1001 ideas but no focus. I have outline after outline, summary after summary, and so little work to actually show for all I've thought up and created. I force myself to sit down and write. On occasion I will turn out a few chapters, take a step back, and somehow fall down a rabbit hole and get lost.

I also hope to read more. Due to shopping sales, used books, and thrift shops I've ended up with literally hundreds of books, most of which I haven't read. I want to start working on my pile of unread books.
Let's start making that happen!
Let's hope this blog doesn't add on to the list of things that get lost in the mess...
But still, no promises! ;)


  1. Hi Eli! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a thoughtful comment! It's people like you that make blogging so much fun =) (See? I'm a girl too!)

    I always love reading a blogger's first post, to see if it's a "Hello world!" kind of post, or just a review. I really like how you started off your blog and it reminds me that I should probably add an "About Me" page on my blog.

    I'm a new follower of your blog and looking forward to what will come!

    P.S. I absolutely love how you add side comments in a smaller font. Very unique =)

    1. Thanks for stopping by as well! I saw you comment on someone's blog and thought "What a nice person, I must see their blog. :D

      I love reading "Hello" first posts but I hate doing them myself. Still haven't finished my darn "About Me" page. People seem to enjoy them and it's that spark of personality and quirk that really make an impression. (I think..)

      It's a personal habit I've always had. Making side comments or starting a side conversation. I don't want personal notes to overshadow the original statement but I'm still going to say them. :)

  2. Awww... you're such a sweetheart! It's funny -- when I leave posts on other people's blogs, I rarely think of anyone but the blogger reading them. Your blog is definitely one of my new favorites and it's funny that we've both posted a negative review on the same day. I'll make a separate comment on that one =)

    1. Awww thanks. :)
      I know what you mean! I feel the same way "I'm sure they don't have time to read all of them or comment back..." which actually stops me from commenting sometimes, it shouldn't, but I can't help but take it personally sometimes. Like what I have to say might stand out in someway. Pfft!
      Although it does sometimes. I actually had a blogger reply to my comment as well this morning and we started talking! Very refreshing.

      I'd much rather prefer an active community of followers and bloggers alike.

  3. Hooray for dialogue! Especially when it's about books =) I kind of went crazy reading all kinds of blogs when I first started, and commenting all over the place. The dialogue only really happens when I remember to go back and look at the comments after the fact (unless I remember to hit the subscribe button, which I rarely do), so I've decided to just follow a few favourite blogs, but pop by more often.

    1. I know what you mean! I went a little blogging crazy, starting following people and gaining some followers very fast but I feel there isn't much dialogue going on. (And I'm terrible about checking back on my comments. ><)
      Now I just browse around, if I find a post that catches my eye I comment on it. If I really like what I see I follow. :)